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About the Club

Thank you for your interest in our organization. The Des Moines based Mid-Iowa Bassmasters Club has been one of central Iowa’s most active clubs. Organized in 1971 the Mid-Iowa Bassmasters is a diverse organization with a unified goal of promoting responsible tournament bass fishing. 
The current membership of the Mid-Iowa Bassmasters is eighteen. This is a maximum number dictated by the clubs by-laws. While there may not be any openings available at this time, we encourage you to attend some of our meetings to see if our club is what you are looking for. Should you wish to complete an application, the recording secretary will make one available to you. Each application will be kept on file in the order in which it was received, and must be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year. Should there be an opening in the club, the membership will fill the vacancy from the applications on file. Factors that will be considered in determining who fills a vacancy include date of application, participation in club activities as well as demeanor. 
This club fishes approximately 8-10 tournaments each year and also sends one or two teams to the two State Federation tournaments each year. While a non-member is welcome to fish the club tournaments (at the applicant’s expense), the applicant will not be awarded points for their participation. These points are used by the club to determine year end standings, and state tournament participation. 
The club is also very active in conservation efforts to include providing funding for a rescue boat at Big Creek Lake, catch and release tackle box tags, signage at some of our state lakes, and ongoing work at Lake Cherrio at Camp Sunnyside. The Kids Casting Contest is also a project our club has been associated with for several years. 
The most notable event the Mid-Iowa Bassmasters undertakes each year would have to be the Fisherman’s Swap Meet and Boat Show held the last full weekend of February at the 4-H building located on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. This yearly event finds every member, as well as applicants, working together to put on Iowa’s premier fishing and boating show. Because of the magnitude of this event, the involvement of the entire membership is crucial. 
Should you have any questions regarding our organization and its activities and/or requirements, please feel free to ask any member or contact us.